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Blessed Stanley Rother Feast Day

On July 28, the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City will be celebrating the first-ever Feast Day for Blessed Stanley Rother. The entire month will be dedicated to honoring the life and witness of Blessed Stanley and a celebration of our faith in our homes and parishes.

How to Celebrate

Below are several ways you can celebrate the first annual Feast Day for Blessed Stanley Rother:

Other ways to celebrate the Feast of Blessed Stanley Rother could include performing a Work of Mercy, praying the prayer for canonization, praying for Blessed Stanley’s intercession, venerating a first-class relic, creating a food dish from Guatemala, praying the Rosary with special intentions for Blessed Stanley Rother, or watching the documentary “An Ordinary Martyr” with family or a parish group.

Why Venerate Relics of Saints?

Below is a link to an article explaining the reasons to venerate the relics of Saints, and the history of the practice:


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